domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

I can't stand this anymore, I can't believe i'm trying to be strong while you're having a girlfriend, while he is playing with me, and while the other smiles me but has a girlfriend too. I mean, seriously, can you guys stop trying to break my heart? I really want to forget you, but I can't,, yeah you, the boy who kissed me without codes. I can't believe how you swore you loved you, you swore you'll never leave me alone, you told me you will always be there for me, and now? where are you? oh yes, giving your girl some kisses, please, stop doing that! I can't wait for you to come around again and tell me you love me and what you did was wrong. And then it's the other guy, the perfect one, the boy who has the most perfect smile in the whole world, the one that looks at me, pretending everything's ok but knowing that i'm dying inside for him, that seems he is doing everything for a reason but i think he is just playing with me. Yeah, I know you're older than me but i have feelings too, and i think you won't like to see the girl you like playing with you. will you? of course you won't.

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