sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

Circles, we going in circles. Dizzy is all it makes us. We know every takes us we’ve been before. Closer, maybe looking closer there’s more to discover, find that what went wrong without blaming each other. Think that we got more time, one more falling behind, gotta make up my mind or else we’ll play all the same old games & we wait for the interchange & we take it for granted that will be the same but we’re making all the same mistakes. I wake up, we both knew to wake up maybe if we face up to this we can make it through this. Closer, maybe we’ll be closer, stronger than we were before. It made this something more. That’s what crazy is, when it’s broken, you say there’s nothing to fix & you pray that everything will be okay, why you’re making all the same mistakes? Don’t look back but if we don’t look back we’re only running babe out of me, 'cause ain’t this same mistakes again.

Home is where the heart is

The night shines, it’s getting hot on my shoulders. I don’t mind, this time it doesn’t matter 'cause your friends, they look good but you look better. Don’t you know all night I’ve been waiting for a boy like you to come around. Under the lights tonight, turned around, and you stole my heart. Just one look & I saw your face, fell in love, take a minute boy, steal my heart tonight. Just one look, I’m waiting for a boy like you. I’m weaker, my worlds fall and they hit the ground. All life come on here, don’t you fail me now. I start to say I think I love you but I make no sound. There is no other place that I would rather be, right here with you tonight as we lay on the ground I put my head on your chest & we can stay here tonight. There's so much  I wanna say.

She's going out to forget they were together. All that time he was taking her for granted. She wants to see if there's more than he gave she's looking for. He calls her up. He's trippin on the phone now. He doesn't want her out there & alone now. He knows she's movin it, knows she's using it. Now he's losing it, she don't care. Everybody put up your hands
Say I don't wanna be in love. Feel the beat now, If you've got nothing left say I don't wanna be in love. Back it up now you've got a reason to live, say I don't wanna be in love. Feelin' good now, don't be afraid to get down, say I don't wanna be in love. I don't wanna be in love.
Pink- it's my new obsession. Pink it's not even a question, pink, on the lips of your lover, 'cause pink is the love you discover. Pink as the bing on your cherry. Pink 'cause you are so very pink it's the color of passion 'cause today it just goes with the fashion. Pink it was love at first sight, pink when i turn out the light, pink gets me high as a kite & I think everything is going to be all right no matter what we do, tonight you could be my flamingo 'coz pink is the new kinda of lingo. Pink like a deco umbrella. It's kink - but you don't ever tell her. I want to be your lover.i I wanna wrap you in rubber as pink as the sheets that we lay on. Pink it's my favorite crayon. Everything is going to be all right, no matter what we do tonight.
I never thought he'd remember the way that I left a hole. Didn't know I had it all 'til the moment I lost it all. Picking my mistakes and faults & he will never recover. I couldn't get over & I could never move on & I'm tryin' to recall the day I made a fall should be broken on the floor, I made him shatter.

The time has come to say goodbye, the sun is setting in the sky, the truth's turned out to be a lie. It's over, over. Hum yourself a lullaby, this is the end but baby don't you cry. So take away the melody & all that's left are memories of lovers, friends and enemies but they're all fading. You may not remember me. I haven't got the strength to carry on