sábado, 11 de septiembre de 2010

viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

"Wait, I won't be hurt, WAKE UP, now, he doesn't care, be yourself, hang out, go out, be with YOUR FRIENDS, and forget him, I know it's hard, but it's the best thing that you can do right now, find new people, contact them and make your life."
All this time you were pretending so much for my happy ending ~
"Fly away from here, can't you? You're so special to me, but now, I don't want to know ANYTHING about you, sorry but that's all, if I continue looking at you, maybe my heart will never love again, and my heart is the boss here, you're in my mind, all the time and I can't say how much I loved you, you have to know that for a time, you were ALL that I needed, then I realize, that my friends are more important than you, for that reason, I want to have you just as a friend, now you don't wanna talk to me, and it's ok, i understand you, but please, dont forget our friendship, we did the second step, now I wanna go back to the first, meet us again if we can."
"I Like chocolate, do you? Yes I do, maybe I'm crazy, but I just can't stop thinking about what you're saying right now, all my friends said that you're the wrong, but maybe I am that. Sorry if I broke your heart. Sorry if I said something that wasn't right, and sorry if you don't understand this beacuse it's in english, but It's easier to me if I write this in another language, I'm sick about spanish, wait, I love it, but it's boring, now I'm listening to music, sad songs, it's obviusly, when someone is hurt inside, you listen to MORE sad songs to break his head, heart and soul."

It's not easy, I just can't imagine how far now you are, how much I broke your heart, but you have to know that you aren't the only one who is crying. I really love you, and you  know it, you have that feeling that I broke up with you because I'm in love with other, YOU have to know, that my love for you has never changed, I love other friends, but NOW, i want to have you as a friend, to tell you all about me, you have a golden heart and I can't be more happy for had you,  but now it's time to say goodbye and hope you have a good life, you have to find someone who is closer than you think, maybe is your neighbour and you don't know her, I didn't want to tell you to find to someone who REALLY love you, because I REALLY LOVED YOU, with all my heart, I was maybe in Mars, waiting to back home and go to the computer and see you there, a relationship with distance doesn't work, I though it was easy, but now I see it's harder than we think, you understood me, you said it was okey when I knew it was a lie, I can't stop thinking about how this is going, I don't wanna lose you but I have to try something different, thanks for being the only one, thanks for make me feel beautiful, lovely, adorable, thanks for everything, and sorry for being such a stupid, and it's nice to know that you were there, thanks for acting like you cared and making me feel like I was the only one, It's nice to know we had it all, thanks for watching as I fall, letting me know we were done.