lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011


Soooooooooooooooo, long time without writing here, i forgot how much i loved my blog, but here i am, not promise i will post always but, i just want to take this space i have, to say something I can't say to other people. Well, long time ago, i was with my best friend, but the relationship turned weird, i didn't want him as a boyfriend anymore, sorry but you were so lazy and always asking some things i don't have to explain you and i don't know, now i think, i don't like you anymore, my heart is looking for someone else, and maybe you think i'm crazy and the worst person you ever met, but well, i don't care, you know why? because now i think, i like another person, and it's someone closer to you, someone you got jealous when he told me something, and if you ever notice that i like him, you're gonna get angry with him and with me and probably, you're not going to talk with me anymore, and i don't want that, so i will never gonna tell you who i love now, but easy boy, it's not a perfect love, it's just a teen love, typic " I LIKE THIS BOY ". 

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